Urgent Care

We treat and manage most urgent care medical issues for both children and adults, including colds, ear infections, upper respiratory infections, sinusitis, urinary tract infections (UTI), strep throat (in-house testing), flu (influenza, in-house testing), Covid-19 (in-house testing), ear infections, sprains, muscular injuries, rashes etc. Due to our patient-focused scheduling we have same day appointment available most days and can perform X-rays within the office. These services are all billed as a primary care office visit rather than the billing at an Urgent Care/ER center which saves our patients significant out of pocket expenses.

Women's Health

We have extensive experience in Woman’s Health and has been providing skilled and insightful care to women of all ages for many years. Amanda Parent NP provides these services for our patients who prefer a female provider. Many women are behind in their normal screenings (PAP, Mammogram etc.) or have trouble getting in to their GYN office in a timely manner for their yearly checks. Due to our patient-friendly scheduling, we are able to see patients for their Well Woman exams (PAP, Mammogram etc.) on an expedited time frame, and provide these services as well as hormone evaluations, weight management discussions, and address other women’s’ health related issues as needed.

Men's Health

For many men, "going to the doctor" has a significant stigma and many men either don't go at all or often enough to have their regular check ups. We understand this mind set and have created an easy going environment along straight forward discussions and decision making with our providers. Dr. Friedman and Amanda Parent NP provide medication for a number of male specific concerns when needed, but do not push our patients to go on medication without a well thought out discussion and decision making process


We diagnose, treat, and manage both pediatric and adult ADHD/ADD. Our providers have many years of experience with treating ADHD/ADD patients, and are very knowledgeable with the appropriate medications. We typically will see stable patients every 3 months for medication check -ups, rather than on a monthly basis, which makes our office a more convenient for patient being treated for ADHD/ADD.


We provide well child care, including routine immunizations, in a relaxed, calm, and happy atmosphere that helps kids get over the fear of going to the doctor, and make it a much more pleasant experience. We also provide pediatric urgent care , with appointments typically available the same day, and in-house testing available for the majority of urgent care issues. With appointments at the primary care provider’s office, urgent care is typically a significantly lower cost than going to an Urgent Care or ER facility.

Chronic Disease Management

Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Hypertension (high blood pressure) are becoming more and more common place and affecting patients more severely. Our providers not only have experience treating these conditions with low-cost, generic medications, but also have the knowledge, patience, and ability to help our patients reduce medication, and sometimes get off medications completely (the main goal!). Our providers know that medication is just one of the tools we have available to combat these issues, and that a few key health lifestyle changes can make a substantial difference in our long-term health. As a benefit to our patients, we draw all common laboratory blood samples within our office, so our patients do not need a second visit to a lab center after their appointment.